Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard

Near Stocksfield, Prudhoe, Riding Mill, Ebchester,

Rowlands GIll, Shotley Bridge

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All of the stables are of a generous size and above all provide a safe secure environment for your horse when stabled. All horses are stabled so that they can see other horses and as far as possible we ensure that all horses have company ALL of the time.

Stables are constructed of the best quality materials and have been built to withstand the worst that a horse can throw at them. Additionally, all stables have automatic drinkers fitted.


All horses are turned out every day.

Horses will not be left on their own in the field at any time unless the owner is happy and in agreement for this to happen.

You will not be required to keep your horse in his stable when the fields are wet due to rain or snow.  We are extremely fortunate that our land is blessed with a very good skin and does not end up irreparably damaged.  Many yards will enforce full time stabling during inclement weather.  We firmly believe that this is detrimental to the emotional and physical well being of the horse and find this approach deplorable.


All horses are turned out every day


Where we are charged with the responsibility for turn out, this is done as soon as there is sufficient daylight in the mornings.  I would ask that all horses be brought in or in the process of being brought in before daylight fails completely. 

This is purely because if a horse is in difficulties in the field, this is best found out whilst there is some natural light to be able to see.

Prevention of stable vices

Our policy is to provide as long a period out of the stable for your horse as is practicable.  This helps to minimise the display of stable vices such as box walking, weaving and wind sucking which plague some horses, due to having spent long boring, soul destroying days in the stable.

Yard lights

There are yard lights that come on early in the morning (before dawn in the winter).  At night, the lights are timed to come on as natural daylight fails so that you can work comfortably before the birds get up and after they have gone to bed if you wish.  All stables and the yard itself, is serviced with good lighting.

Summer arrangements

Horses are normally fully turned out for the summer.  We usually cannot offer our own haylage during the summer months, as there are insufficient horses stabled, to eat the bale before it goes off.

Full turnout is normally achieved by mid May and horses are stabled again by late October, but this is purely weather dependent.  The latest we have been able to stable for the winter was mid November (2004)

Control of laminitis

You and your horse will receive a friendly and caring service.  Your horse will enjoy unlimited access to grazing unless he requires restricted grazing to prevent laminitis Paddocks are free of ragwort and are regularly cleared of faeces, which of course, is basic to the minimization of the worm burden faced by equines.  We will do our best to provide the type of company and grass that your horse needs.

Being a reasonable height above sea level brings great benefit to your horse in the summer months, as there are much fewer flies about to cause aggravation and eye infections.