Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard

Near Stocksfield, Prudhoe, Riding Mill, Ebchester,

Rowlands GIll, Shotley Bridge

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Why here

More reasons to choose us over other yards in the area

Fully flexible bespoke livery

All stables, yard and field entrances are lit in hours of darkness so that you can work safely

Haylage, feed and shavings bedding is on site as well as sundries such as bandages, hibiscrub, gamgee etc.

All horses are treated with respect and kindness to ensure their welfare and happiness.  It is against our policy to employ 'fear tactics' - fear does not work in the long-term, and only serves to exacerbate a problem.


Safety is a priority, and we pride ourselves on providing a safe environment both in and out of the stable.


Paddocks and fields are mains supply electric fenced, which apart from being a great rug saver, prevents horses being injured by wire or pulling shoes off as they can sometimes do, if they have a wire fence to help them!



Our strict worming programme ensures that all equines carry a minimal burden.  All horses are wormed at the same time, by you, or ourselves if you are unable to be there. 

All horses are checked several times daily and anything which is needed is provided, such as topping up hay nets etc.


First aid

First aid procedures are instigated immediately upon a problem or injury being found.  Clients are informed straight away of any problems, and instruction is taken on the course of action which clients prefer.  In the case of a client not being able to be contacted, we reserve the right to call veterinary assistance should we deem it necessary and appropriate.

Do you put up with this at your current yard?

  1. They are not flexible and only allow specific types of livery

  2. Yard owner/manager has a poor attitude to the clients

  3. Yard owner/manager does not listen to my concerns

  4. Fields and paddocks are divided with wire fencing

  5. Gate to the fields are dangerous and my horse could be injured or get a leg trapped

  6. Gates donít swing and are to carry to open and close them

  7. The paddocks are never/not regularly cleared of faeces

  8. Fields donít have automatic water supply and I have to carry water to my horse

  9. The horses are in large groups and it is dangerous for me to go and get my horse from the field

  10. Fields are infested with ragwort

  11. The gateways are boggy and itís dangerous to try and get my horse out of the field when itís like this

  12. There just isnít enough grass and I have to feed my horse all year round

  13. I have to stable my horse in the summer as they donít allow horses to run out at night

  14. I have to buy my own haylage/hay in

  15. My horse is bedded on straw and Iím worried about COPD

  16. There are no lights or lighting is poor and I canít see my horse properly in the yard/stable at night

  17. I have to buy feed from the shop and carry it from my car to my bins

  18. The hacking is poor

  19. There is no floodlit arena to ride in on dark nights

  20. There is an arena but it gets very wet and canít be used sometimes

  21. I have to pay extra to use the arena

  22. There is no worming programme

  23. There is nowhere safe to park my car away from horses

  24.  I worry that my horse may be left in the field on his own if I canít get there to bring him in with the rest

  25. If I have a problem when I am hacking there is nobody at the yard I can call to come and help

  26. I am very restricted on how much equipment/rugs etc that I can keep at the yard

  27. They canít/wonít provide a paddock suitable for my laminitic horse

  28. My horse gets beaten up in the field

  29. I worry that if something goes wrong with my horse when Iím not there, nobody will help him

  30. They donít have a yard farrier and I have to wait a long time to get my horses feet seen to

  31. The other people using the yard arenít very friendly

  32. I have concerns about how my horse will be treated when I am not there

  33. I canít have lessons with anyone other than the instructors on the yard

  34. The yard manager in rarely out and about and doesnít see what goes on

  35. I have to pay to park my wagon/trailer

  36. I have to pay extra to have my horse in his own field

  37. The yard frequently has events with horses from all over using the facilities and I am worried that my horse my inadvertently come into contact with strangles or worse

Do I need to go on?



What our clients say past and present

Read reviews of Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard on touchlocal.com.  To read these reviews copy and paste the link below into your browser 



Audrey Walker        My priorities are the safety and wellbeing of my horses.  Alyson and Clive provided that and so much more when I kept my horses at Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard.  They showed a great deal of care and consideration and provided an extremely high standard of management both of the yard and the individual horses and clients.  The riding in the area is just amazing, and that coupled with the 120 acres of their own private land to ride over, made it just the perfect place for my horses.

The horses were turned out EVERY day, which is a great advantage, especially if you have horses like a couple of mine, who get stressed and weave if they are confined.  Both Alyson and Clive are experienced with horses and I had, and have total confidence in their ability to take good care of my horses when I was not available to do so.

Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard is a great yard, run by very special people.

Liz Storey        I moved to Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard almost 10 years ago now.  Jake was not in the best of health and condition when we first moved to the yard, but with a little time and with a lot of help and advice from Alyson he was looking good and feeling even better.

I didnít realise what it was like to be able to keep my horse on a good yard.  Iíve had experience of a couple of places and thought that they were OK - but I hadnít experienced a yard like this one, where there is 200% commitment to the horses by experienced, competent and caring people.

I love going to see my horse not just because I love him, but because the company is so much fun and I feel relaxed and happy when I am there.  Like so many people these days, I find my job extremely stressful.  Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard is better medicine than any doctor could prescribe.

Joan Nesbitt    Is there anywhere better? I donít think so Ė for Cassie or me.

There arenít many folk in this world that I would trust to look after Cassie, but I am grateful to have found Alyson and Clive.

Cassie was a rescued horse and as such I was paranoid about ensuring that her life is a good one after having had such a terrible time.  Cassie does have a good and happy life now, thanks to Alyson and Clive.  (Cassie has now moved to private premises where she is being used as a brood mare).

Cassie has since been sold by the people who had Cassie as a brood mare.  If anyone has any information regarding her whereabouts please phone Alyson.  Here is a photo of Cass

Please do get in touch.  We are desperately worried about her and would dearly like to know where she is