Whittonstall Hall Livery Yard

Near Stocksfield, Prudhoe, Riding Mill, Ebchester,

Rowlands GIll, Shotley Bridge


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What's on offer?

Haylage, feed and shavings on site

ALL major brands of feeds and supplements  can be sourced!

We aim and succeed in providing a one stop shop so that there is no need to call in at the feed merchants in your good clothes on your way back from work ever again.  Its all here for you.

Key Benefits

*       Never run out of feed again

*       Have your feed carried to your feed bin for you if you wish!!

*       Buy your feed when you need it - even Christmas Day

*       Competitively priced

*       Advice available on what might be best for your horse

*       Essentials such as bandages, hibiscrub and topical treatments such as Aloe Vera gel can be purchased at competitive rates as well


Quality haylage, and shavings are available on site.

We do not, and will not use either straw or hay.  Both are deleterious to the health of the horse and are responsible for much of the 60% diagnosed and undiagnosed COPD existent in the equine in this country.  We believe in clean air and clean beds for the horses.  Experience has shown that this is a basic requirement for a healthy horse.

Haylage is charged on a 'per day, per horse' basis and you pay the same subsidized price even if the horses need haylage out in the field during the winter.